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Sneaker cards (& other collectibles).

Sneaker Trading Cards

I know the date because I have a reference was the day Ben Baller dropped his Mike Trout Topps Project 2020 card: April 29, 2020. I was sitting in my car with my kids in the Dollar Tree parking lot waiting for my wife to bring back some Jamaican patties (FYI Dollar Tree is the only place on the West Coast that sells Golden Crust Patties) and I was just scrolling through Twitter. Baller tweeted about his card and I feel deep down the rabbit hole of sports cards in 2020. I was familiar with cards as I used to collect as a kid, but I stepped away from cards after things got to be more about money than it did about fun. So I was searching eBay for these completely-new-to-me Topps Project 2020 cards when it all hit me like a ton of bricks: ‘man, why hasn’t anyone made sneaker trading cards?’ That's when I decided I was going to do it myself.

Booster Boxes...

...contain 100 cards: 10 packs of 10 cards each (approx. 9 base + 1 insert per pack). (#824 packs have 8 packs of 12) With 70 base cards in each set - you'll be close to building a complete set through a single booster box. There's a lot of inserts, but keep in mind they vary in rarity. Some are going to be worth more than others.

Each and every card... foil-stamped on glossy UV cardstock. Some are silver-foil stamped. Some are gold-foil stamped. Some are printed with holographic technology. They're ALL dope.

Current releases: Air Max Pax

Intended to be released on Air Max Day (3/26), but actually released 4 months later (7/26), the Air Max Pax is a collection of (a few of) the most popular Air Max models on the scene. There were hundreds - if not thousands of colorways to choose from - but we ended up with 3 of each model and a handful of insert cards. I don't know why, but 70 or so cards seems to be a reasonable number, so that's what we went with again. FULL CHECKLIST.


The base cards represent 3 different colorways of 23 different Air Max models. Base Cards 69 different cards. Odds of pulling one 9:1


Wanted cards represent the AM Plus' that never got the credit they deserved. Base Cards 11 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:2


Refractors are shinier versions of the base cards - parallel inserts. Base Cards 69 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:4

AM Attax

Inspiration taken from a popular 50's card set, AM Attax are out of this world. Base Cards 9 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:16


Masters cards display the sections of shoes that make up the AM1 'Master'. Base Cards 11 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:3

TSS Grails

TSS Graded Grails are Maxes I've owned in the past (and wish I still owned) Base Cards 5 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:112


Past release: Dunky Dunks

Clearly the Dunk is one of Nike's most iconic silhouettes as it continually makes its way back into our collective consciousness every few years. The 2002-2005 era of Dunks (and SBs in particular) coincided around the time I began to look at shoes as a lot more than just something I'd wear - I started looking at them as something I could collect. The exclusivity and relateable storylines behind some of these shoes gave them an appeal unlike many other popular releases...their legacy is the stuff of legend.


Base Cards The base cards represent the Black/Red, Orange/Beige, and Silver/Green boxes of the 'Nike Skateboarding' line...70 different cards. FULL CHECKLIST. Odds of pulling one 1:1


Base Cards City series cards represent the city series dunks - 202 pairs of each released in their respective cities (3). Odds of pulling one 1:124


Base Cards Supreme cards represent the first 5 Supreme x Nike SB shoes to release in the product line. 5 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:6


Base Cards Drugs N Alcohol. Hemp & Beer cards. Not much explanation needed. 4 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:19


Base Cards There were a handful of shoes that released to only friends and family - 24-30 pairs in existence. 5 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:12


Base Cards These are cards that take me back to New York circa 2003-2005. They represent the ever-changing landscape of Gotham. 15 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:2


Base Cards 5 cards. The first 4 are 'pieces' of the original eBay dunk that was destroyed. The 5th card represents the pair that was sold. 1 copy of each. Odds of pulling one 1:372


Past releases: 824 Pack

Released on Kobe day (8/24/2020), the 824 pack is meant to be a tribute to one of the greatest basketball players to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. After having looked at how card sets have been created over the last 20 years, I decided to go old school and simplify it. A reasonable set of base cards with 3 separate types of insert cards. FULL CHECKLIST.

Base Cards

The base cards represent all 24-25 'official' Kobe sneaker silhouettes that exist. Base Cards 68 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:1


Mamba Moments cards represent 8 key moments of Kobe's life that fans can re-live. Base Cards 8 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:2

Free Agency

SFA cards represent the year Kobe was an unsigned 'sneaker' free agent. Base Cards 8 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:12


X cards show a few Kobe rarities that are on display at the Beijing Sneakerseum. Base Cards 24 different cards. Odds of pulling one 1:4