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The Sneaker Savant

More than 2,000,000 words (about shoes) written. More than 20,000 pairs authenticated. More than 2,000 pairs graded. More than 50 NFTs, 5,000 shoes, and 100,000 cards sold.
Over 20 years of collecting shoes.

If you're here, I'm assuming it's for one of these reasons...


You saw something I wrote or created on social media


You heard that I grade sneakers


You saw some of my sneaker trading cards


You saw some of the NFTs I've created

Who I thought The Sneaker Savant was and who I actually am have turned out to be two separate things. I started The Sneaker Savant when I realized that my background on Wall Street and Silicon Valley would be useful in building out a grading system for sneakers, so I created a grading platform. When I started it, I thought people were going to be lining up to use the service, but I've come to realize that things really aren't always that simple.

Before I shifted my focus, I underwent a career shift - I went from interacting with numbers and code to teaching a classroom full of high schoolers in East Oakland. Instead of spreadsheets and emails and meetings, I found that I was able to connect with people on a much more meaningful level. So now I'm trying to utilize all of those skills to build cool things.

The people I interact with through The Sneaker Savant on social media are my tribe. The Sneaker Savant is what I do for my 'me time'. If you're just getting into sneakers and want to know more, but are hesitant to commit to a mailing list - give me a follow on Instagram. Or if you'd rather listen - give the podcast a listen. Curious about anything? Send me an email. Hit me on Twitter or Facebook. I love talking about this stuff and I love hearing where people come from. I've been around since before 'collecting sneakers' became the thing to do, so I can contextualize almost anything you might have cooking. Reach out. Let's talk.

What can I do for you?

That depends on what you're trying to achieve

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I'm really just a guy that loves sneakers and loves coming up with new ways to highlight what they do for us.

I've helped people and (companies alike) find their footing in the ever-evolving footwear industry and have been able to create that common ground.

If you have an idea of something you'd like to do but aren't sure where to start, reach out and let's get to talking.

Reach out!

Drop me a line. I'm most active on IG.